Getting the most out of Free HR Software

  1. Basic Concepts and Benefits
    • is a free online Human Resource, Payroll and e-Leave Management platform that offers easy-to-use yet powerful features to improve productivity in all sort of work places. is Free, Forever! With NO strings attached to it.
    • Most importantly, is a true multi-user online HR Management system. Each Employer account could add UNLIMITED number of employees, who also gets to sign up their Employee Web Accounts for free. In the meantime, each Employer may also empower employees involved in HR function to manage the Employer account.
  2. Using paperless e-Leave Management
    • One of the major highlights of is the powerful Leave Management function. provides an easy-to-use e-Leave (Paperless Leave Management) for organizations of all sizes. You may utilize's eLeave for tasks as simple as leave record keeping, or to facilitate employee leave planning, application, review, balance checking etc.
    • To fully harness the power of free Leave Management and to empower your employees, it is highly recommended that you explore and make full use of Leave Approval Workflow. Your employees will be able to review leave applications submitted by their subordinates according to your current leave approval workflow.
    • Depending on your organization's needs, you may have to set up Multiple Workdays and Holidays schemes for different employees' days off arrangements.
  3. Encouraging team collaboration with Employee Discussion Forum and Document/ Form sharing
  4. Generate employee payslips with Payroll Management. Keep track of employee salary changes with Salary Adjustment feature.
  5. User Account Management
    • At times, you may need to change the account's registered email address, such as passing the account ownership from the IT guy (who has been tasked to evaluate to the HR manager. Or you may need to figure out how to use the same email address to sign up for multiple Employee Web Accounts with different Employers. These are the issues readily handled by User Account Management.
  6. What if I have further questions on
    • If you have further questions on, you may visit our support forum or write to us support (at)