Getting the Most out of Free HR Software

  1. About, Data Security and Privacy
    • is a free multi-lingual online Human Resource, Payroll and e-Leave Management platform that offers easy-to-use yet powerful features to improve productivity in all sort of work places. was first released in 2009 and will be Free, Forever! With NO strings attached to it.
    • Still doubtful if is really free for life? Check out why is free.
    • Most importantly, is a true multi-user online HR Management system. Each Employer account could add UNLIMITED number of employees, who also get to sign up their Employee Web Accounts for free. In the meantime, Employers may also empower employees involved in HR function to manage the Employer account.
    • is SECURE!
      • Your data stored at is encrypted at rest and in transit. All connections to are encrypted with SSL (TLS) protocol.
      • data is encrypted on the storage with the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm and secured with daily off-site backup and data export.
      • You may enforce 2-Step Verification or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for account login.
      • passwords are hashed (which means your password is encoded with proven algorithm.).
      • data privacy is fully protected by restriction of the access for maintenance purpose only, with no third party allowed to access data at all.
      • As an Employer, you have complete control over your employees' access to their Employee Web Account and the accessibility of your employees to certain information.
  2. Understanding Employee and User Account Management
    • Employee Management is the first step towards unleashing the full power of It is therefore critical to understand the underlying concepts of managing employee data on, including archiving employees who have departed, tracking employment status changes (such as job changes, salary changes etc).
    • Certain features in provide optional settings to meet individual Employer's specific requirements. You may change these settings in Employer Settings.
    • At times, you may need to change the account's registered email address, such as passing the account ownership from the IT guy (who has been tasked to evaluate to the HR manager.
    • Or you may have the need to sign up multiple Employer accounts, but you wish to consolidate all these accounts under single login.
    • Or you may need to figure out how to use the same email address to sign up for multiple Employee Web Accounts with different Employers.
    • Or even to close your Employer account. These are the issues readily addressed by User Account Management.
  3. Using Paperless e-Claim Management
    • You may now go green with paperless Expense Claim Management, which offers you a better alternative to your manual paper-based expense claim submission process. You could even automatically enforce further controls on the expense type and limits that your employees are entitled to claim, be it claims by receipt, mileage, Per Diem etc.
    • By setting up Claim Approval Workflow according to your current policy, all expense claim applications will be automatically sent to respective manager for review, such as Line Manager, Head of Department, Head of Branch or even Custom Roles (e.g. Boss, COO etc).
  4. Using Paperless e-Leave Management
    • One of the major highlights of is the powerful Leave Management function. provides an easy-to-use e-Leave (Paperless Leave Management) for organizations of all sizes. You may utilize's eLeave for tasks as simple as leave record keeping, or to facilitate employee leave planning, application, review, balance checking etc.
    • To fully harness the power of free Leave Management and to empower your employees, it is highly recommended that you explore and make full use of Leave Approval Workflow. Your employees will be able to review leave applications submitted by their subordinates according to your current leave approval workflow.
    • Depending on your organization's needs, you may have to set up Multiple Workdays and Holidays schemes for different employees' days off arrangements.
  5. Using Time Clock and Attendance Management System
    • free Time Clock and Attendance Management System enables you to track employee attendance easily, and allows employees to perform web clock-in or clock-out through their Employee Web Accounts.
    • Use the Field Check-In feature to track your mobile workforce with ease, as both Geolocation and Selfie are captured at each check-in. An insightful Field Check-In report enables each Line Manager, Head of Department or Head of Branch to check the whereabouts of his/ her team members instantly.
  6. Handling Employee Misconducts with Incident Management
    • Employee Incident Management is designed to report, track and investigate incidents related to employee Misconducts, Merits, or workplace Safety, Accidents etc.
    • What are the use cases for Incident Management?
      • An employee could report an incident of being bullied by managers or colleagues
      • A manager could report an incident of unsatisfactory employee performance due to negligence etc
      • Anyone could report a safety concerned incident at workplace to draw the Employer’s attention
      • A customer’s complaint or satisfactory feedback about an employee’s service
      • An employee or manager could commend another employee’s meritorious deed
      • An employee forgetting to clock out could file a report to request for time clock adjustment
      • An employee’s incident records may be referenced in performance appraisal, or for punitive actions such as dismissal
      • Use Case Example: Employee Misconduct
    • User Guide on Incident Management
  7. Using Document Workflow (Paperless Approval System)
    • You may now migrate literally any existing paper-based document approval workflow (such as circulation of Timesheet or Expense Claim form for Manager's approval) to's versatile Document Workflow.
  8. Encouraging Team Collaboration and Knowledge Management
    • Employee Discussion Forum is a good place to facilitate employee discussions of various issues. Visit Employee Discussion Forum for more details.
    • Document and Form Sharing allows employers and employees to securely share and submit documents and reports online.
  9. Payroll and Salary Management
    • Process employee payroll and generate payslips with a powerful yet flexible Payroll System.
    • Keep complete records of employee salary changes with Salary Adjustment module.
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    • If you have further questions or suggestions on, you may visit our support forum.