Web Time Clock and Attendance Management

  1. Overview
    • HR.my Attendance Management is made easy with the integration of free Time Clock, where employees could easily punch in or punch out through their Employee Web Accounts. Nevertheless, using the Time Clock is not mandatory, and you are free to enter employees' attendance in Attendance Management manually.
    • In the event that you have already had an in-house Time Clock or Biometric Attendance System, you may still want to import your Time Clock data into your Employer account. Doing so will save you a good deal of effort of routinely having to convert raw Time Clock data into insightful attendance reports. Additionally, your employees will also be able to check their attendance records from their web accounts, which makes the attendance management more transparent and efficient.
    • Since Time Clock tracks employee clock-in and clock-out times, it is very important that you have updated your Employer Time Zone Setting correctly. You may do so via Employer->Settings.
  2. Web Clock In and Clock Out by Employee
    • As an employee, you may sign into your Employee Web Account, then perform clock-in or clock-out via Home->Time Clock. A Time Clock window will be shown with the proper action, i.e. Check In or Check Out, depending on the employee's Last Check-In or Last Check-Out state.
    • When an employee is clocking in or out, he/ she may leave a note in the Remark field.
    • For usual 9 to 5 work session, just leave "Today" selected in the For field. Check out more for clocking out overnight in the section below.
    • Together with the clock-in/ clock-out time, the IP Address from where an employee performs the action will also be captured.
    • An employee can always check his/ her current month (or any other month's) attendance records via Team->Attendance in his/ her Employee Web Account.
  3. Overnight Clocking for Night Shifters
    • When an employee attends night shift (such as a shift that starts at 2018-01-18 22:00:00 and ends at 2018-01-19 04:00:00), he/ she will just clock in as usual with "Today" selected in the For field (i.e. 2018-01-18). However, when the employee is clocking out overnight, he/ she will be presented with an additional option in the For field of the Time Clock window, which is last night's date (i.e. 2018-01-18) besides "Today" (i.e. 2018-01-19). For this example, the night shift employee will need to make sure that last night's date (i.e. 2018-01-18) is selected, otherwise his/ her clocking will start a new day instead.
    • By default, within 12 hours from the first clock-in, HR.my will automatically select last night's date for overnight clocking. An employee is free to change the For field option, particularly if there is a need to start the work session for a new day.
    • Once a new day clocking is started, an employee will not be able to clock for last night any more without the intervention of HR.my Administrator.
  4. Attendance Tracking
    • If you add a new employee attendance record manually via Team->Attendance, it will first appear as "Absent" until you manually clock in for him/ her.
    • Similar to employee web clock-in, once you have added a clock-in for an employee manually, his/ her status will change to "IN" to indicate that the employee is currently clocked in.
    • When an employee clocks out, or if you add a last clock out record to the employee, his/ her status will be updated to "Present" for that particular day.
    • When you are adding employee clock-in/ clock-out records in the Employer account, your role will also be recorded, so that it is very easy to discern if a time record is clocked by an employee, or by HR.my Manager.
    • The work duration will be automatically calculated based on the difference between the First Check-In and the Last Check-Out.
  5. Employee Forgetting to Clock In or Clock Out
    • It is quite common that employees may forget to clock in or clock out at times. When this happens:
      1. Should an employee forget to clock out last night, when he/ she arrives at work the next morning, he/ she will only be able to clock in for the new day. The attendance will continue to show as "IN" for the day that the employee forgets to clock out, until a clock-out record is added by HR.my Administrator or HR.my Manager.
      2. Should an employee forget to clock in on any day, when he/ she is about to leave, he/ she cannot perform clock-out by then as he/ she is not previously clocked in.
      3. In either case, the employee will need to request HR.my Administrator or HR.my Manager to perform a manual clock-out/ clock-in for him/ her on the day when clock-out/ clock-in is forgotten.