Document and Form

  1. Basic Concepts and Benefits
    • Document and Form is a feature that allows employer to share documents and forms with employees online.
    • Example for documents include Employee Manual, Company Policy, Sales Contract Template etc.
    • Example for forms include Expenses Claim Form, various HR forms etc.
    • Each document/ form uploaded could be up to 2 MB.
  2. Sharing Document and Form
    • Document and Form is accessible via Team->Document & Form for both Employer and Employee Web Account.
    • You may decide if a document/ form uploaded to is accessible by either All Employees or only Administrator.
    • When you are preparing a document/ form for sharing, you may want to categorize it according to the type of the document/ form, for instance, you may categorize a Sales Contract Template under either Sales category or Contract category.
  3. About Storage Size
    • Each employer account now starts with 100 MB storage by default. This storage is for the purpose of Document and Form, plus other attachments (such as employee leave application attachments). There is no storage limit for both employee photos and company logo.