Document and Form Sharing

  1. Overview
    • Document and Form Sharing allows employers and employees to securely share and submit documents and reports online. Employers could easily and securely share frequently used documents and forms such as Employee Manual, Company Policy, Sales Contract Template, Expenses Claim Form, various HR forms with employees.
    • On the other hand, employees could also submit various documents to HR such as Timesheet, Resume or CV, various certificates etc. The employee submitted documents could also be optionally shared with Line Manager, Head of Department or Head of Branch.
    • Exported Excel files from such as Payroll result, Employee data, Leave Entitlement Report etc. will also be stored in the Document and Form Sharing.
    • Each document/ form uploaded could be up to 5 MB in size.
  2. Sharing Document and Form
    • Document and Form is accessible via Team ❯ Document & Form Sharing for both Employer and Employee Web Account.
    • When you upload a document in the Employer account, you may decide the sharing Scope of an uploaded document to All Employees, only Employer or Selected Employee. When the sharing scope is Selected Employee, you could optionally share the same document with the target employee's Line Manager, Head of Department or Head of Branch too.
    • When a document is uploaded by an employee, the sharing scope will be restricted to Selected Employee, i.e. the employee who uploads the document. The employee could also optionally share the uploaded document with his/ her Line Manager, Head of Department or Head of Branch.
    • Typical use cases for various sharing scope:
      • All Employees. This is primarily used to share organization-wide documents, such as Employee Manual, Company Policy, Sales Contract Template etc.
      • Employer. This is for HR functions to share important documents among themselves, such as Employment Contract Template etc.
      • Selected Employee. This is a two-way sharing option. An Employer could share a document with a particular employee or vice versa, such as Administrator sharing an Employment Contract or serving a Disciplinary Warning Letter with an employee (with optional access by Line Manager, Head of Department or Head of Branch), or an employee uploading a Resume or Timesheet for HR's purpose. An employee may also upload various reports that need to be reviewed or accessed by his / her Line Manager, Head of Department or Head of Branch.
    • When you are preparing a document/ form for sharing, you may also categorize it according to the type of the document/ form, for instance, you may categorize a Sales Contract Template under either Sales category or Contract category.
  3. Data Export Storage
    • When you initiate a data export, will process the export and store the exported output in Document and Form Sharing. You will be notified by email when the export is done, together with the record Title that contains the export result.
  4. About Storage Size
    • Each employer account starts with FREE Unlimited Data Storage & 100 MB File Storage by default, i.e. there is NO storage limit for data, employee photos and company logo. You may add UNLIMITED employee records, perform UNLIMITED transactions for Leave Management, capture UNLIMITED Attendance & Time Clock records and etc.
    • The free File Storage provided is for the purpose of storing individual files uploaded (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF files etc.) for Document & Form Sharing, Document Workflow, Selfie for Time Clock, exported reports, plus other attachments (such as employee leave application attachments, expense claim attachments or Discussion Forum attachments).
    • File Storage used is indicated in Home » File Storage. Clicking at the Available Storage Chart will further break down the usage of the file storage by Expense Claim Attachment, Leave Attachment, Selfie Image, Document Workflow, Discussion Attachment, Document & Form and etc.
    • When you are running low on file storage, you may make room by cleaning up some obsolete records in Expense Claim Management, Leave Management, Document Workflow, Attendance Management, Document & Form Sharing or Discussions.
    • If you ever need to increase the file storage size, you may consider joining's Crowdfunding Campaign.