Crowdfunding Campaign

  1. Overview
    • Developing and maintaining a feature-rich platform like require substantial effort and cost just like you do in your business. Every month now, at least USD $6000 is needed to develop and to keep free. If you would like to find out who are currently supporting through sponsorships or donations, you may sign in your account and click at the Crowdfund link at the upper right corner.
    • Moving forward, the challenges for resources needed to enrich and keep as a free platform will undoubtedly multiply. For instance, presently the free storage of 100 MB for file attachments for each Employer account is the second most financially straining burden (with software development cost being the biggest cost), as I will need to pay for the rented storage each month. The more users joining, the more I will have to pay for it.
    • If you like what has to offer, please lend a helping hand to me by joining other users to crowdfund, so that would be able to fund resources that are critical to its growth (such as server computing, storage, bandwidth and development cost), while being free forever for all users.
  2. Care to buy me a cup of Starbucks coffee?
    • With the equivalent of buying me a cup of Starbucks coffee each month ($5 per sponsorship), you will be helping to reach break-even point as early as possible. As a token of appreciation, you will get:
      • Ads-Free in both Employer and Employee Web Accounts.
      • Extra 2000 MB storage for your Employer account with every unit of sponsorship.
      • Email notifications for Managers and more details in email notification for:
        • Leaves, such as leave type, date range, reason etc.
        • Announcements
      • Early access to features under Preview scope
    • You may make the sponsorship payment easily via Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal. Each month, your sponsored amount will be deducted from your Credit Card or Paypal account automatically. Most importantly, you may cancel your sponsorship immediately at any time, hassle-free guaranteed.
    • If you wish to join crowdfunding campaign, you may sign in your Employer account, then click at the Crowdfund link on the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Why some features are under Preview scope?
    • Some of the newly developed features are only made possible with considerable computing resources, e.g. Leave Entitlement Summary export. This is because extensive real-time data processing is needed to support such features, which in turn will put an enormous burden on the limited server resources.
    • If more users are accessing the same features simultaneously, it will likely cause the servers to grind to a halt, or even stop responding. Trust me, this is definitely not an event that we would like to see it happen.
    • As a workaround, I will have to limit the access to these features by placing them under Preview scope first, that will only be accessible to a handful of Crowdfunding Sponsors. The features under Preview scope will eventually be accessible to all users when I am confident that the server computing resources have been increased to a level that could sustain such heavy loads.