Leave Approval Workflow (e-Leave)

  1. Overview
    • For a typical use case of Leave Approval Workflow, please check out the example in e-Leave (Paperless Leave Management).
    • Prior to R10, only HR.my Administrator (who is acting on behalf of employer) would be able to approve or reject leave applications from employees. Starting from R10, additional employee roles have been added to support a complete Leave Approval Workflow with minimum intervention from HR.my Administrator (as employer role). The new roles include employees' Line Manager, Head of Department and Head of Branch (more roles coming soon upon popular demand, leave your feedback here)
    • HR.my Administrator still plays an important role in the Leave Approval Workflow for R10, for instance, only HR.my Administrator is able to Escalate a pending leave application from current workflow stage to the next. Escalation happens for various possible use cases, such as leave approving officer is not available, unassigned, or takes too long to decide etc.
    • Other than some very special occasions such as performing workflow escalation for leave applications, you should try to minimize the use of HR.my Administrator role to process leaves starting R10.
    • In addition, an important Leave Approval Workflow History feature has been added to trace the status of various workflow stages, including changes performed by HR.my Administrator and to provide a full audit trail to each leave application approval process.
    • With the newly added Leave Planner/ Schedule to Employee Web Account, both employees and their supervisors will be able to view and plan their leaves, as well as approve/ reject leave applications from relevant employees. More on using the Leave Planner in the section below.
  2. Setting up Leave Approval Workflow
    • To enable full leave approval workflow support, you have to set it up first via Leave->Approval Workflow.
    • You are now presented with 3 Approver levels, from 1st Approver to 3rd Approver, and all of them are optional. However, you have to set up a lower level leave approver first before assigning one for higher level.
    • You may also repeat the roles in different levels, say 1st Approver being Line Manager, 2nd Approver being Head of Department and 3rd Approver being Line Manager again. This kind of set up will require the employee Line Manager to approve the leave application at 1st and 3rd stage of the leave application workflow respectively.
    • Reducing Leave Approval Workflow levels while there are some leaves which have completed initial approvals but still pending final approvals, will reset these leaves back to first approval level. For instance, changing from 3 levels of approval to 1 level will reset the approval level of leaves that have completed the 1st and 2nd levels.
  3. Using Leave Planner/ Schedule
    • Leave Planner/ Schedule comes in two modes. In Leave Schedule mode, all approved leave applications for current month will be displayed in tabulated form (with options to filter by Department or by Branch). In Leave Planner mode, leave applications pending for approval will also be displayed in the same table, allowing employers to plan for workforce availability before approving a leave application.
    • Employer Leave Planner
      • Using Leave Planner in the Employer account, an HR.my Administrator may now be able to process all leave applications in a single view, plus, be able to plan human resource availability via proper examination of current and upcoming employee leave schedule and plan.
      • Leave Planner displays all leave applications of relevant employees, holidays and weekends in a particular month (in customizable colors), so that an HR.my Administrator could make an informed decision before approving any leave applications.
    • Employee Leave Planner
      • As an ordinary employee without leave approving duty, he/ she may use Leave Planner in his/ her Employee Web Account to check and plan his/ her own leaves. Leave Planner shows Holidays and Day Off for the selected month, which makes it easier for employees to plan for their leave applications.
      • If an employee happens to be a Leave Approver (a Line Manager to some other employees, or as a Head of Department or Head of Branch), then he/ she would be able to view the leaves planned and approved for other employees who are connected to his/ her supervisory roles. For instance, as a Head of Deprtment, an employee will be able to view the leave applications of other employees who are within the same department (even though he/ she may not be assigned with the leave approving duty).
      • Whereas as a leave approving officer, the employee will be able to approve/ reject the leave applications for employees according to his/ her supervisory role set up in the Leave Approval Workflow.
      • If there is no further leave applications pending for current employee's approval (as a leave approving officer), then the Leave Pending Approval display will be hidden.
      • Depending on the Employer's preference, an employee's Leave Planner may reveal leave applications of other employees within the same Department, Branch or even whole Organization, which provides better visibility of other employees' attendance and helps them plan their leave applications accordingly.
  4. Managing Leave Approval
    • Using Employee Roles
      • 3 roles are currently supported as leave approving officers, i.e. Line Manager, Head of Department and Head of Branch.
      • Note: Line Manager is assigned via Employee->Job Status, while Head of Department and Branch will be assigned via Employer->Department and Employer->Branch.
      • As a leave approving officer, if you reject a leave application, the leave application will be concluded as Rejected immediately, regardless of whether there are further stages in the entire workflow. However, if you approve current leave application, whether the leave application is concluded as Approved depends on how the workflow is set up:
        • If there is no further workflow stage after current stage, then current leave application will be concluded as Approved.
        • If there are additional workflow stage(s) after current approval, then current leave application is not concluded yet but it will be routed to the next approval level.
        • A leave application is concluded as Approved only if it goes through the entire workflow without being rejected at any stage.
        • Just like approving/ rejecting leave applications using HR.my Administrator role, as a leave approving officer, you may leave a Leave Approval Remark to explain why a leave is approved/ rejected.
      • When a leave application appears in the Leave Pending Approval view within Leave Planner, the factors that determine if current leave application is removed from your view after you process it (by approving or rejecting it) are:
        1. Your supervisory roles and how the roles are set up in Leave Approval Workflow
        2. Current workflow stage of the leave application
        Let's say you are both the Line Manager of an employee and the Head of Department for the same employee. If the Leave Approval Workflow is set up so that 1st Approver will be the Line Manager and 2nd Approver will be the Head of Department, then you will need to approve the leave application 2 times (or reject it once) before it is removed from your Leave Pending Approval view.
    • Using HR.my Administrator Roles
      • When you are managing via Employer account as HR.my Administrator, you are approving/ rejecting leave applications as Employer.
      • Starting from R10, even HR.my Administrator's leave approvals will be logged as part of the workflow history. Changing the leave application status will cause the pertinent change to be logged, including Escalating the leave application to the next workflow stage.
  5. Administering Leave Application by HR.my Administrator
    • Besides approving/ rejecting leave applications, HR.my Administrator is empowered to Escalate, Cancel or Reset a leave application workflow. HR.my Administrator is able to Escalate a pending leave application from current workflow stage to the next. Escalation happens for various possible use cases, such as leave approving officer is not available, unassigned, or takes too long to decide etc.
    • Leave applications (either approved or still pending review) may also be Cancelled by HR.my Administrator if the applicants would like to withdraw their leave applications.
    • In addition, if for whatever reason you would like the leave application to go back to the beginning stage of leave approval workflow, you may Reset it to Pending Approval.
    • Resetting leave status will also reset it's associated workflow back to the beginning stage. Resetting could be caused either by changing the leave approval status (from Approved or Rejected to Pending Approval), or by reducing the stages of current Leave Approval Workflow (which only affects leaves that are pending for final approval, but have already completed some initial workflow stages).
  6. About Leave Approval Workflow History
    • A new Leave Approval Workflow History tab has been added to the Leave Application window.
    • All possible actions that any of the leave approving officers or HR.my Administrator perform on the leave applications will be tracked.
    • In addition, you may also find out from current leave application's workflow history whose approval is needed for the current workflow stage.