Payroll and Salary Management

  1. Overview
    • comes with a flexible payroll management feature. You could track employee salary changes easily with the Salary Adjustment feature. Meanwhile, you may also generate monthly payslips that will be accessible to your employees via their Employee Web Accounts.
  2. Commonly Asked Questions
    • How do I add allowance/ deduction/ bonus to the pay?

      The way for adding an allowance, deduction or bonus is the same. For instance, to add an allowance to the pay, you have to set up an allowance type first. Access Payroll->Variable Pay, then add a new allowance type here. After doing so, you may add this allowance as a regular item to an employee via Payroll->Salary Adjustment, or as an adhoc allowance when you are processing the payroll via Payroll->Process.
    • What should I do if I processed the payroll wrongly?

      If you have processed the payroll wrongly, you could simply re-process the same payroll again, and the data will be overwritten.