Payroll and Salary Management

  1. Basic Concepts and Benefits
    • currently supports payroll management for Malaysia. Payroll management for other countries will be supported soon.
  2. Commonly Asked Questions (for Malaysian Payroll)
    • How do I add allowance/ deduction/ bonus to the pay?

      To add allowance to the pay, you have to set up allowance type first. Please access Payroll->Variable Pay, Deduction and Bonus->Variable Pay, then add a new allowance here, and determine if you want to contribute EPF, SOCSO or Tax for this allowance. After doing so, please access Payroll->Process, and add the relevant allowance to the employees.
    • What should I do if I processed the payroll wrongly?

      If you have processed the payroll wrongly, you could simply re-process the same payroll again, and the data will be overwritten.