Multi-Lingual HR System

  1. Overview
    • Besides the default English language, also supports another 66 languages, such as 中文 (简体), 中文 (繁體), 日本語, 한국어, Tiếng Việt, العربية, Français, Español etc.
  2. Change Language
    • To change the Default Language for all accounts under the same Employer (i.e. the Employer account and all associated Employee Web Accounts), you may access Employer ❯ Setting » General » Default Language. This setting will set the selected language as the default language for all Employee Web Accounts that have not yet specified any preferred language.
    • To change the Preferred Language for an account, you may click at the English (Change Language) link (which by default is set to English). Once set, the preferred language will override the Default Language choice.
  3. Language Editor
    • Due to limited resources available, currently only English and 中文 (简体) are human translated, while the rest are all translated using Google Translate. If you feel that some of the machine translations are inappropriate, you may help to correct them by using the Language Editor.
    • In the Language Editor, choose the language that you are familiar with, the messages that may be translated will appear in 2 tabs, i.e. Original and Translated.
    • You may translate all messages one by one, or filter specific messages by entering the keyword in the Search field. The filter function allows you to look for specific message that contains the keyword in both Original and Translated messages.
    • Click at any message to enter your translation. Your translated messages will be saved on your device's local storage until you click at the button to submit your translation for review. You may also click at the button to load your translated messages and check the result on-the-fly.
    • To discard your translation and revert to existing translation in the language pack, you may simply clear the translated content and save it.
    • When you are done, click at the button to submit your translation for review. When your translations have been reviewed, they will be published in the language pack.
    • As new features are being added to, more messages that need translations/ corrections will be added from time to time, which will be available for translation via the Language Editor.