User Account Management

  1. Overview
    • is a multi-user online HR Management system. For starters, there are 2 user account types, which are Employer and Employee accounts. While the Employer account is readily accessible by the account owner (i.e. Administrator), it may also be accessed by other employees who are assigned with the proper HR user roles by the Administrator.
    • Every Administrator remains in full control over the Employee Web Accounts associated with the Employer account. An Employee Web Account could be disabled or re-enabled at anytime if necessary. When an Employee Web Account is disabled, the owner of the Employee Web Account will not be able to sign in his/ her corresponding Employee Self-Service Portal account, and he/ she will not be able to access the Employer account even though he/ she was previously assigned with some HR user role. However, he/ she could still sign in his/ her Employee Web Account that is associated with other employers.
    • As an Employee Web Account could be associated with multiple different Employers, this also creates a convenient way for users who need to sign up for multiple Employer accounts to consolidate the Employer account access through single Employee Web Account that is granted with the proper HR Roles. This makes it easy for users to switch to different Employer accounts upon single sign-in.
  2. Inviting Employees to Sign Up
    • After adding or importing your employee data, you may start to invite your employees to sign up for their Employee Web Accounts in Employee->Web Account.
    • When you select an employee whose email address is not yet available, you will be prompted to enter his/ her email address on-the-fly. After that, you may click at the "Invite" button to send an invitation email to the selected employees.
    • Please note that the email address to which you send out an invitation is not necessary the same email address that will be used to sign up for the Employee Web Account. This is to cater for the use case that in some environments, the HR personnels could send the invitation to a fixed email address so that they could help their employees sign up their Employee Web Accounts. The actual email address will be requried to sign up for the Employee Web Account.
    • An Employee Web Account will only be associated with an Employer upon account activation. In the rare event that an employee enters a wrong email address during account sign up, which results in he/ she will never receive the Account Activation Email, the employee could request for another invitation from the Administrator in order to sign up a new one with a correct email address.
    • If an Employer needs to find out which email address is used to sign up for an Employee Web Account, he/ she could access Employee->Web Account->Active/ Disabled web accounts view. The email address displayed in the grid is the actual email address used to sign up for the account.
  3. Using Single Email Address to Sign Up for Multiple Employee Web Accounts
    • Under normal circumstances, an email address will be associated with an Employee Web Account. However, there are situations that the same email address will be needed to sign up for multiple Employee Web Accounts with different Employers. When an Employee Web Account is associated with multiple Employers, the account owner will be able to flip through different Employers by changing the desired Employer from the list at the upper right corner of the screen. Some real life examples include:
      1. Accessing different Employer accounts by an Manager who manages several related organizations.
      2. A senior manager that needs to approve leave applications from regional offices in several countries.
      3. An employee that uses her own personal email address to sign up for her last employment's Employee Web Account, who needs to sign up for a new Employee Web Account with her current Employer using the same personal email address.
    • In this case, when an employee is signing up for a new Employee Web Account using the invitation URL, she will be prompted that her account has already been associated with another Employer, and if she would like to use the same account to associate with her current Employer's invitation.
    • Note that the same Employee Web Account could only be associated with different Employers. You can't sign up for multiple Employee Web Accounts with the same Employer using the same email address.
  4. Changing Registered Email Address and Account Password
    • If the account owners for either Employer or Employee Web Account needs to change their registered email address, they may sign in their account, then click at the Email address at the upper right corner of the screen and select Change Registered Email.
    • Similarly, if the account owner needs to change her password, she could click at the same Email address at the upper right corner of the screen and select Change Password.
  5. Close Employer Account
    • If for any reason you no longer need this Employer account, you may sign in your Employer account and click at the email address at the upper right corner of the screen, then select Preferences and go to Close Account section to close it.
    • An Employer account can only be closed by the account owner, i.e. Administrator.
    • After your Employer account is closed, ALL DATA WILL BE DELETED and your employees will no longer be able to sign in their Employee Web Accounts that are associated with current Employer account. However, they may still sign in their Employee Web Accounts if their accounts have been associated with other Employer accounts.