EA Form / Borang C.P.8A

  1. What is EA Form
    • In accordance with subsection 83(1A) of the Income Tax Act 1967 (ITA 1967), the Form C.P.8A / C.P.8C must be prepared and rendered to the employees on or before end of February the following year to enable them to complete and submit their respective Return Form within the stipulated period.
    • EA Form meaning according to Inland Revenue Board Of Malaysia (LHDN): Yearly Remuneration Statement for Private Employees.
    • As a free-for-life Payroll software that already supports Malaysian payroll calculation, which automatically calculates monthly PCB, EPF (KWSP), SOCSO (Perkeso) and EIS (SIP) deductions for employees, therefore you may easily generate EA Form Malaysia for your employees, instead of having to find out where to get EA Form and manually fill up latest EA Form. (Note: If you do not need to generate EA Form online, you may try out our simple PCB calculator)
  2. How to Prepare EA Form for Employee
    • To export employee EA form, you may go to Payroll ❯ Annual Salary Statement, then click at the Export EA Form button. There is an option that allows you to share the exported EA Form Excel with you employees easily, if you don't want your employees to have access to the exported EA Forms, just remember to uncheck it. When the EA Forms are shared with employees, they can download EA Form Excel format via Team ❯ Document & Form Sharing in their Web Accounts.
    • Please note that there are 2 fields at the bottom of the EA Form for "Name" and "Job Title" of the employee who prepares the EA Form. If you export EA Form as HR.my Administrator, these 2 fields will be left empty. However, if you export EA Form as either HR.my Manager or with other HR Roles, your name and job title will be filled in accordingly.